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What the students say

With a fine BA honours degree from Kings College. London University, he is a skilled and sympathetic communicator to all students.


With a global student base he teaches via Skype across the UK, Europe and as far as the US and Canada as well as running intensive training courses from his home in North Wales.


In a world that often runs on hype and empty promises, Esmond is an instructor who truly lives up to the “world class” description.


A friendly and attentive personal service is guaranteed to everyone.


Esmond is no theorist. He applies a highly practical hands-on teaching approach.  Being very much a star soloist he is “the real thing”, out there "doing it" globally at jazz gigs, festivals and on six fine albums on the Slam Label (see reviews here).  So he knows exactly what training it takes to hack it out there as a performing artist.


And this is what it takes:


1 - High quality information

2 - Recognition and rectification of technical issues.

 (As one of Esmond's tutors, the great George van Eps says "If your hands don't work, then nothing happens…!")

3 - A personally constructed program for fast and effective progress.

4 - Advice with priority practice material and serious time management.


Whether you are a beginner, very advanced or Masterclass, there is appropriate material along with a supportive and sympathetic approach waiting here to help you along.


All instruction is backed up with clearly printed music/tab/chord diagrams and explicit HD film.


Intensive training Day Courses are held and Skype sessions run globally.


And Masterclass students!  Would you like to learn some real (!) harmony and would you like to see what you’d be getting? Then please take a look at the demo film (below) where Esmond offers a detailed lecture on chord substitution on “I Can’t Get Started” as recorded on his solo album The Axe.


This detailed and thorough approach is applied to all standards and solo material.


It is also backed up by in-house harmony training manuals. These are beautifully bound books  presented with fine artwork and clear text with music ms/tab/chord diagrams/audio DVD.


They offer:

100 ways to reharmonize “Over The Rainbow”

200 ways to reharmonize the pick-up bar to “In A Sentimental Mood”

125 ways to reharmonize “Darn That Dream”


Esmond’s Gresford Academy also has over 400 Gig of archive film research with cutting edge harmony on all of the main standards of jazz (for example 105 film files, each with a complete different harmonic slant on “Just Friends” – one of which is in his YouTube Channel


Plus lots of advanced material on chordal workouts and jazz line playing.


Legato single line speed and prowess are trained through the close study of Parker and Coltrane transcriptions, see manuals and video to the left


As the great jazz guitarist and educator Howard Roberts once so rightly said: "Let us learn quickly that which can be learned quickly."

So this is the place!

A glance at What the Students Say will indicate that Esmond’s  instruction is regarded as unmatched and unrivalled.

Jazz guitar training doesn’t get any better.

Image of the front page of the Over the Rainbow jazz guitar instruction manual
Image of the front page of the In a Sensational Mood jazz guitar training manaual
Image of tabulature in an Esmond Selwyn training manual.

Training manuals

Image of the front page of the jazz guitar instruction manual Darn That Dream


Esmond;s Facebook film on Bars 8 & 9 of "Like Someone In Love".

Brian Towell via Facebook

15 December at 16:58


A fretboarding masterclass from the world's greatest jazz guitar teacher, Esmond Selwyn. Seriously, Larry Carlton and Robben Ford should be asking Esmond to share a stage with them on a jazz/blues tour.


I challenge any guitarist out there to sit in front of a camera, close their eyes (Esmond really plays as if asleep because he knows the fretboard better than the back of his hand), and play with this level of musical articulacy, relevance and taste. It's otherworldly stuff. And Esmond Selwyn can teach you this kind of stuff. He's taught me, and he's taught my son, Jack Towell, lead guitarist with King Cruel...



Image showing four of Esmond Selwyn's guitars.

Some of Esmond's guitars

Image showing Esmond Selwyn's computer desk with three screen set up.

Esmond's computer set-up

COOL BLUES "Esmond demonstrates Bop and post Bebop blues line playing at speed...."

"Nigel's Workout" by Esmond Selwyn

A study in small form chordal precision and velocity dedicated to masterclass student and Jazz Guitar Ace, Nigel Price.

Chord substitution analysed in depth

Bb Blues demonstrating right hand technique and jazz phraseology

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