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Welcome to the home of world renowned jazz guitarist and jazz guitar instructor, Esmond Selwyn.


Esmond Selwyn has been acknowledged as one of the world's great jazz guitarists and jazz guitar instructors ever since his entry in 1995 into the highly prestigious and much coveted work by Ivor Mairants, 'The Great Jazz Guitarists'. Ivor wrote "...Esmond has, in my opinion, a fingerboard technique second to none…”

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"Esmond, you are such a superlative musician who has an organic musical style with effortless abilities.

A great player. Hope to work with you again soon".

Toni Kofi.

"...Esmond Selwyn sprinkling magic over a gossamer reading of Stardust"


John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald
"The Way I Play" (Slam 2107) and the compilation album "We Like Ike" (Tr 1)

“It is very inspiring to know one of the great legends of jazz guitar is here to guide us, it’s amazing the depth of knowledge and taste of his playing. Esmond Selwyn is a true guitar hero."

Peter Montgomery
Jazz Guitarist/Tokyo,Japan

“It soon became apparent upon meeting Esmond of just how much music means to him. In fact I don't think

I’ve ever met anyone so passionate about his craft! The way he weaves his impassioned and improvisatory inventions throughout his performances with the musicianship of a master never ceases to amaze me!  Watching this clip of Ray Walker and Esmond together is a delight and I hope it comes around again, possibly in a club environment here in Perth."

Richard Saunders
Perth, Australia

“Great to work with such a virtuoso as your good self. Your stunning, masterful playing needs to be fully appreciated by a much wider audience, especially here in Australia where we tend to miss out on a lot of fantastic players such as you. Marvelous playing mate and it's an honor to be be associated with such a great talent as you..."

Geoff Kluke
Double Bass/Melbourne, Australia

“Happy Birthday Esmond. You are one of the greatest guitarists on the planet.”

John Montgomery Carson. (Nephew of Wes Montgomery)

“It’s time we wakened up to his genius...”

Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings

"I played Esmond Selwyn's Over The Rainbow at a family occasion last month. It was the most popular piece, more than Debussy, Chopin and Bechet. Lovely.

Mark Gilbert, Editor, Jazz Journal.

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