Image of Esmond Selwyn playing jazz guitar


“Happy Birthday Esmond. You are one of the greatest guitarists on the planet.”

John Montgomery Carson. (Nephew of Wes Montgomery)

“It’s time we wakened up to his genius...”

Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings

“On The Axe Selwyn shows that he’s a real master of jazz guitar”

Jerome Wilson, CADENCE

"I played Esmond Selwyn's Over The Rainbow at a family occasion last month. It was the most popular piece, more than Debussy, Chopin and Bechet. Lovely.

Mark Gilbert, Editor, Jazz Journal.

Welcome to the home of world renowned jazz guitarist and jazz guitar instructor, Esmond Selwyn.


Esmond Selwyn has been acknowledged as one of the world's great jazz guitarists and jazz guitar instructors ever since his entry in 1995 into the highly prestigious and much coveted work by Ivor Mairants, 'The Great Jazz Guitarists'. Ivor wrote "...Esmond has, in my opinion, a fingerboard technique second to none…”

Esmond is acknowledged as one of the world's leading jazz guitarists...
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... and equally as one of the world's foremost jazz guitar instructors
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Esmond plays on Sky World News
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"Esmond, you are a grand inspiration. Thank you"
John Montgomery Carson, Wes Montgomery's nephew.

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"Esmond, you are such a superlative musician who has an organic musical style with effortless abilities.

A great player. Hope to work with you again soon".

Toni Kofi.

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